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Who we are

Who we are ?

Kenitalink Limited is a well-established tour, travel and events company based in the Republic of Kenya. For the love of travel and African pop culture, Kenitalink gives you a fusion that will add to your experience here in Africa and Beyond.  We are a click away to the most epic trip of your life. We enjoy designing unique tours and safaris suitable for everyone. From the budget to luxury, from solo travel to group travel, both inbound and outbound making sure you don’t miss out on what we call a breath-taking experience.

What we do

We help you connect with people, cultures and businesses in the most authentic way possible. Be It pure “Ocean and Chill” days, traditional food hunt, Adrenaline rush experience or just an over coffee business meeting. We give you over the top excursions, beach and African safari Experience.

Our Vision

As we link people together, we seek to create a world where culture is celebrated and appreciated across the globe.

Client mission

We go a long way as a company to make sure our client expectations are not only met but surpassed. It’s a joy to have satisfied travellers. We also highly appreciate feedback from our clients.

Employees mission

We always ensure that our team is highly motivated and happy. We believe in equity, good business values and ethics. A happy team brings forth happy clients.

Social mission

Our aim is to bring sustainable change that builds and values culture. We inspire young people to embrace their own cultural roots and appreciate others too.

Environmental Mission

After every tour experience we carry out a tree planting exercise with our clients. And they could choose to adopt the tree and come visit again to see its progress. This way we create a timeless travel experience as well as contribute to the environment.